Tips on Changing a Flat Tire


So many women I know think they don't need to know how to change a tire. They plan on letting someone else do it. Maybe it is their husband, boyfriend, son or calling road side assistance. While it maybe an easier option, it may not always be an available option. You might be alone. You might not have a cell phone with you. You may not know where you are enough to get someone there to you. Whatever it is, sometimes emergencies leave you to your own devices, so you need to be prepared. 

How to Change a Tire 

Whether you are driving down the road when you have a blow out or find your car's tire flat when you come outside, get the car to a safe, flat place where you can work on the tire without danger. Avoid hills and traffic. Put on your emergency flashers if in a place with other cars. 

After putting the car in park, put a brick or big rock behind the front and the back tires. This keeps the car from rolling. Get out the car's jack and spare tire. Check the owner's manual for the right place to put the jack. If you do not put the jack in the right place, it does not raise the car properly and it can cause damage. 

Raise the car enough that the car is supported but not raised. Remove the hub cap and loosen the lug nuts with your car's wrench. Many jacks that come with cars use the jack handle as the lug nut wrench. 

Once the nuts are loosened, use the jack to raise the car up higher. Then by hand finish removing the lug nuts. Remove the tire off the car. Put the new tire on. 

Tighten the lug nuts by hand as tight are you can. Work in a pattern. Work on one a little, then the next and so forth. So that each nut is tightened a little at a time so that everything is even. 

Lower the car down without putting all of the weight back on the tire. The car should be resting on the jack but almost on the ground. Tighten the lug nuts all the way with the wrench. 

Lower the car back to the ground fully. Put the old tire and your tools in the car and you are ready to go.      

Author Note: Debi is a a tech junkie, travel obsessed, sweet-a-holic married mom to 4 amazing kids. She is also the owner and author of a blog - The Springmount 6 Pack

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