2013 Toyota Sienna vs 2013 Chrysler Town & Country

2013 Toyota Sienna South FL2013 Chrysler Town & Country South FL

2013 Toyota Sienna vs 2013 Chrysler Town & Country South FL

The great thing about Chrysler's Town & Country is that there are too many nice things to say about it. It has so many standard features and safety devices in it that there just isn't enough room on one page to write them all down. For instance, there are plenty of airbags, including side-curtain bags. There's even a post-collision safety system and brake assist. Yes, Chrysler has always been innovative and safety conscious and it definitely shows in the Town & Country. It shows in the child-seat anchors that are installed in this van. It also shows with the active head-restraints and the quietly smooth ride you get every time in this minivan. It also shows in the amount of cargo space and the ease of folding away or removing the second and third rows of seating to make even more space.

Toyota's Sienna has plenty of features too. The child-seat anchors are a nice safety feature. And the daytime running lights and rear-door child safety locks are a plus, as far as safety goes. Power seats and a rearview camera were added to make driving a relaxing and worry-free pleasure. The standard features in the Sienna simply enhance the driver's and passengers' experience and allow them to actually enjoy the driving moment. 

2013 Toyota Sienna For Sale
The 2013 Toyota Sienna
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The 2013 Chrysler Town & Country

2013 Toyota Sienna Power & Handling

The Sienna has a V-6 and gets 25 miles per gallon. Its powertrain puts out 266 horsepower and that's enough for quick acceleration and passing on the freeway. Nothing is going to hold the Sienna back. Driving The Sienna is a fluid experience. It glides smoothly over almost any kind of road and the steering is sharp when it needs to be. The all-wheel drive or the front-wheel drive both give you a fine, controlled driving experience. This is a good family minivan that can comfortably carry passengers or used to haul just about anything.

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Power & Handling 

The big V-6 engine in the Town & Country gets 25 miles per gallon on the highway. It also produces 283 horsepower and pushes 260 lb.-ft. of torque. That gives you energy to spare and plenty of thrust for passing and acceleration. The ride is smooth and almost silent and the handling is immediately responsive. From the steering wheel to the brakes to the accelerator – the Town & Country handles like a luxury car. It does what you want – when you want it. Don't forget the Electronic Stability Control and the suspension correction system. These two elements in this van can actually help the driver feel like he or she is riding on air. One wonders how people got along without them for so long.

Design of the 2013 Sienna

The Sienna is a nicely designed and well-built minivan. It has a lot of competition so it has done some upgrades this year. It has added a rearview camera, hands-free calling, Bluetooth, and it has room for eight passengers. Toyota has also added plenty of extra safety features and amenities for this year's model.

Design of the 2013 Town & Country

The Town & Country wants to be the minivan for every one. And why shouldn't it be? It was certainly designed initially for families with a lot of kids, but the times are changing. Today, the Town & Country is selling like hot cakes to families, but also to business people, who are coming into dealerships in droves to see this wonder van. They know the Chrysler name and the high quality and luxury it stands for, so now they are seeing first hand what it's like to actually sit in a Chrysler that can carry seven people and also provide a huge cargo area when they need it.


Chrysler's Town & Country is definitely a luxury minivan and the Sienna has a great deal of features that are comparable to it. The Town & Country has more power under the hood and with the Chrysler name on it, it's going to be a top seller this year.