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2013 Honda Odyssey vs 2013 Chrysler Town & Country South FL

The Town & Country minivan is as user-friendly as your going to get.  The Town & Country comes with a V-6, 3.6-liter engine and produces 283 horsepower, guaranteed to power you through traffic while carrying a full load of cargo or seven passengers. The 17-inch wheels, six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive will roll you comfortably and smoothly to the destination of your choice. Chrysler's Town & Country is full of standard features including the "stow & go" second and third row seats making it a van of true practicality and convenience. 

The Odyssey, by Honda puts out 248 horses from its 3.5-liter, V-6 power plant. The top of the line models come with a six-speed auto-transmission while the lower trim level goes out the door with a five-speed automatic transmission. The third row seat folds into the floor and the second can be removed for more cargo space, should you need it. The cabin is spacious and is Bluetooth capable and comes with a rearview camera and air conditioning. 

2013 Honda Odyssey For Sale
The 2013 Honda Odyssey
2013 Chrysler Town & Country For Sale
The 2013 Chrysler Town & Country

2013 Honda Odyssey Power & Handling

Handling and performance in the Honda Odyssey gets pretty decent reviews by test drivers and owners alike. It has agility and just enough energy to keep you out of trouble. The five-speed and the six-speed automatic trans, (depending on which level you buy into), keeps the van rolling smoothly as it shifts gears quietly.

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Power & Handling 

The Town & Country has plenty of torque for passing on the highway or getting out of tight spots. It's also pretty fast off the line if you want to show off: sixty-miles an hour in just 7.7 seconds. Not bad. The Electronic Stability Control is like having a co-pilot driving with you. It monitors your speed and can apply the brakes in certain tricky situations if you aren't paying full attention. The Town & Country also has the ability to automatically adjust its suspension if the weight in your cabin isn't balanced properly.

Design of the 2013 Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey has some interesting upgrades also. The one that most people notice, however, is the built-in vacuum cleaner. In over a hundred years of car manufacturing, no one else has come up with this idea. It's an idea that should have been implemented at least fifty years ago. Some other interesting features of the Odyssey are the forward collision warning system and the lane-departure warning system. These add to the Odyssey's safety and will probably decrease accidents.

Design of the 2013 Town & Country

Chrysler has always been innovative and is always making upgrades to all of its models. The Town & Country is no different. The entertainment center has been upgraded and the cabin interior has become even more luxurious than ever before. Chrysler is known for its luxury cars and now the Town & Country can join in and is considered by many to be a luxury minivan. Business people have noticed this attribute and are buying these vehicles almost as fast as families are. 


The Town & Country has a bit more torque than the Odyssey, which gives it more boost when you need it. They're both great looking vans but the Chrysler Town & Country has the feel of a luxury car and the reputation of Chrysler's ninety-some years in automotive design and know-how.